Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What does Tinala mean?

Tinala is an acronym for Tatting Is Not A Lost Art. And by tatting, I mean the form of lace making. People say it all the time, and it simply isn't true. There are hundreds, thousands, who knows how many, people who tat. Women, men, young and old. It is a beautiful expression of a person's soul... making lace. Shown here is an example.. called Beyond the Sea.


  1. The doily is very pretty. And I correct everyone who says to me that 'tatting is a lost art'. Hey, there are a lot more books and patterns out there than when I started, many more!

  2. I like your acronym! I came here from your Batatter blog and I recognize that doggie on your profile picture! Yes I agree with tattrldy about books and patterns being more numerous! I'd say my tatting library has literally doubled over this past year!!! My stash of shuttles and threads has doubled, too...not that I need more shuttles and thread, but in a sense I did "NEED" it! Hey... my soul's gotta express itself and there's a LOT in there still to express, LOL!
    That doily is very pretty! :)

  3. Thank you both! The doily is called Beyond the Sea. I got inspired to do it by watching the tv show LOST. They had a few episodes where the song was featured alot and it stuck in my head!
    Yes, there are manymanymany more books now than there were when I started tatting, too, and also more places on the internet to see it.. thank goodness!!!!